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Advanced Connectivity Solutions

Your highway to the Cloud

Cloud Connectivity

Unlock direct and secure connections to leading cloud platforms, including AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute, with our Cloud Connectivity Service. Our service enables you to establish seamless connections, streamlining your cloud integration process.

IP Transit

Experience seamless and high-speed data connectivity with our IP Transit service. Designed to meet the demands of modern businesses, our service offers direct and efficient access to the global internet backbone.

Ultimate Flexibility

What's included

Experience seamless connectivity on the Cloudfinity network.

Lightning Fast Transit: Low latency, high performance IP transit with connectivity to premium Tier 1 carriers.

Data Centre XC: Connect to us through a fibre cross connect, or EdgeIX VLL. Getting connected is simple.

Public Cloud Connect: Leverage our network to connect direct to AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Last Mile Connectivity: NBN Enterprise Ethernet, and commercial fibre options available.

Infinite Possibilities: Need something custom? We can help.

Need a custom solution?

Whether you need to access public clouds, or require a private international circuit, we can help.